HAKUHODO i-studio


SXSW Collection March 9-12,2014


TREAD The Moon The New Running Entertainment Device Be a moon runner. Enjoy a whole new "above the sky" exericise experience.


Treadmill + Unity + Kinect + SensingSystem "TREAD The Moon" is a content that allows user to run on the surface of the moon using a treadmill. User can enjoy a new running experience as the display on the screen varies
with the running speed and heart rate read by a heartbeat sensor. Furthermore, the total distance run by all the users on the treadmill is recorded and accumulated,
and then converted to show how much of the Moon surface has been covered by the Moon runners' footsteps.

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"HACKist" is a creative group from HAKUHODO i-studio,a digital production company in Tokyo,that blends arts, technologies and communication ideas
in a refined fashion to produce products that delight
one's daily life in the least expected way. SXSW Trade Show Booth Number 1031

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