Project JACH is a “Location Based Multi-Lingual Audio Guide Service” for travelers to connect more deeply with local information. It provides an experience as if a local friend were there guiding them, just by plugging in their own earphones.

Travelers to Japan want more in-depth local information while Japan has a shortage of guides. Our goal is to make Japan a location where every traveler wants to come again, by facilitating the knowledge transfer.

Make transportation a fun and safe travel experience

The large Edward is skilled at guiding while in transit on vehicles. He gives information about the next station or secrets hidden in the passing scenery.

Places Edward would like to work


Provide safety in travels of an unfamiliar country by informing the next station in various languages. Also able to communicate interesting information regarding the stations.


With Edward on board, a taxi can used not only for transportation but also sightseeing tours.


Edward can provide services in places other than vehicles.
For example introducing the ingredients or inside stories about the chef, at the table of a restaurant.

A knowledgeable partner in travels, who goes at your pace

The little Jonathan can be taken anywhere. He is skilled at guiding travelers on active tours, including walks or on bicycles.

Places Jonathan would like to work


Enjoy walks with a personal guide, whether in the city or in nature, anywhere there is a GPS signal.


Upgrade travels on popular rental bicycles, into private tours, travelling at your own pace.


Can provide new sensory brand experiences by conducting tours, designed as corporate promotions.

Project JACH is planned to handle various languages to aid the diversifying visitors to Japan.

The button-shaped chat speaker Pechat is using speech-synthesis technology too.